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  • News Release: Betty's Books 1/28/2020

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    January 28, 2020
    Greetings all you book lovers of the world,
    We have had a lot going on here and probably most of you have noticed the major physical change to the store.  After years of living with broken glass, we finally committed to a new store front last summer.  I spent days walking Main St., examining all the buildings and figuring out what to take from them—and what to leave.  We have a photo of the original 1888 look of the building and that influenced our design decisions as well.  Our goal was to restore the historic look, using updated materials and workmanship.  NE-HI Enterprises and Sid Johnson & Co. have been great to work with.  We are very happy with our new look, increased exposure and daylight, and look forward to the completion of the project before long.
    A less visible development is the social media presence that Jeana Phillips has brought to us over the past 6 months.  You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.  You will find lots there, including a number of fun pet photos!
    Just last week we went live with our website, bettysbooks.indielite.org.  This was created in conjunction with the American Booksellers Association and provides a link to the inventory carried by Ingram, our major distributor.  It also provides a way for you to order from us, in case that is ever more convenient for you than just giving us a call. Please check it out!
    Jeana has also initiated a public book club linked to the bookstore and information on that is included on the website.  She would love to hear regularly what other book groups are reading and any other information they might like to share, such as whether they are open or closed to new members. This information will be available on the website. No personal information will be shared. If book clubs are open to new members we will provide contact information directly from the store.
    Last but not least, the store will have somewhat limited hours the first two weeks in February, as Tom & I are making our annual trip to San Diego to spend time with family.  The details are on the website, but it is pretty simple.  The store will be closed all day on Mondays and Wednesdays, open 11-5 on Tuesdays and the other days (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays) will be open regular hours.
    Cheers to good reading for the gloomy days and sunshine when we get it!
    All of us at Betty’s Books
    Carolyn, Tom, Jeana & Mae